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Me Magazine is an independent publication founded in 2004 devoted to creative individuals. Each issue explores the life of a guest editor and their circle of friends. It was founded to support, document, and get to know the people in the creative community who we admire.

Me#1 Autumn'04: Joshua Abelow, artist
Me#2 Winter'04-05: Miho Aoki, co-founder of United Bamboo
Me#3 Spring'05: Christopher Bollen, editor in chief of Interview Magazine.
Me#4 Summer'05: Hisham Bharoocha, Soft Circle, artist, & photographer
Me#5 Autumn'05: Rivington Arms Gallery, Mirabelle Marden & Melissa Bent
Me#6 Winter'05-6: Nicole & Michael Colovos, fashion designers
Me#7 Spring'06: Nate Lowman, artist
Me#8 Summer'06: Keren Ann, singer
Me#9 Autumn'06: Half Nelson, a film
Me#10 Winter'06-7: Anthony Roth Costanzo, opera singer
Me#11 Spring'07: Thakoon, fashion designer
Me#12 Summer'07: Tara De Long, musician and performance artist
Me#13 Autumn'07: Ryan Donowho, actor and musician
Me#14 Spring'08: Kate & Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, fashion designers
Me#15 Summer'08: Paul Gondry, artist & filmmaker
Me#16 Spring'09: Phillip Lim, fashion designer
Me#17 Autumn'09: Kitsune, french music and clothing label

Me#18 Winter'09: Melia Marden, chef at The Smile in NYC
Me#19 Spring'10: Robert Geller, menswear designer

Me#20 Spring'11: Eddie Borgo, jewelry designer
Me#21 Summer'11: Mike Mills, director, writer, graphic designer